Integration guide

The integration guide is a tool designed to help camp managers incorporate healthy habits into their camp programs in a structured fashion. It sets out a simple, interactive, and gradual approach camp managers can introduce with their team. The guide contains a description of this approach as well as handy self-evaluation and followup tools to help you effectively plan the objectives you wish to attain.

Best pratices

Here are few healthy habit practices implemented by Shape Up program camps. They've successfully put to the test in the field. Why not try them in your camp!

  • Upon hiring staff, assess their interest in healthy habits by posing a few pointed questions. That way you'll have a better idea which employees are likely to make the best healthy habit ambassadors.

  • Designate healthy habit ambassadors, e.g., employees who are studying physical education or nutrition. This squad can then be tasked with organizing activities related to healthy habits and, as needed, play a supporting role with the rest of the team.

  • **Set aside a budget **to provide campers with nutritious snacks and non-food(as opposed to candy) rewards.

  • **Promote healthy habits **among your employees by organizing sports activities for them outside work hours. if you have a fitness room, provide your employees free access to it. Also, allow free time early or late in the day for employees who have their own training program.

  • **Slip hand-outs **featuring healthy habit information and recipe ideas into your campers' lunchboxes. you can also post them in a prominent location where parents can see them.

  • **Keep parents informed **about the healthy habit activities at their children's camp. That way they can try out at home too.

Communication Tools

The communication tools include four posters setting out Shape Up's core values as well as a Web banner and info reminders for parents.

  • Promotional poster A Springboard to Healthy Habits: designed to inform parents of the camp's proactive efforts to adopt healthy habits.


  • Promotional Web banner : a Web or paper banner to promote your involvement in the Shape Up program. Feel free to contact us to sign up for Shape Up and enjoy access to these great tools.

  • Shape Up Info : five brief and to-the-point info reminders to distribute to parents telling them what your camp is doing to improve the health of their children and encouraging them to get involved too.

Shape Up Info

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