Taking action

Parents taking action for healthy children

Eating healthy and being active are things that are first learned at home. The family environment is very important to a child, just like school and summer camp. Parents have a key role to play in creating an environment that will encourage their children to eat well and be more active.

All families can start to adopt a health lifestyle at their own pace, and in their own way! Every small change makes a world of difference.

Discover our six steps to creating an environment that will motivate your children to eat better and be more active.

Be a role model for your children and have a positive influence on their health.

Make sure that your children always have access to healthy foods and sports equipment to make it easier for them to make healthy choices.

Vary their menu and activities to ensure they get the most pleasure and motivation.

Take advantage of every opportunity to develop your children’s “healthy instincts”.

Limit the amount of time spent in front of the TV, computer, tablet, smart phone and video games, and instead choose an active lifestyle and quality family time..

Encourage all members of the family to join in the adventure towards a healthier life . . . Having fun is guaranteed!