How does Shape Up operate ?

Shape Up is a program that supports day camps and summer camps in their efforts to incorporate healthy habits into their practices. The objective is two-fold: encourage young people to adopt healthy eating behaviors and a physically active lifestyle.

Who is the program for?

Shape Up doesn’t address kids directly; rather it operates by targeting camps and the people who work there: managers, food service managers, coordinators, and counselors/monitors.

Shape Up also targets parents of campers through its website, so the healthy habits acquired at camp are carried over at home.

4 strategies

To get camps on board and make their healthy choices fun, lasting, and easy to make, Shape Up has developed 4 strategies:

  1. Raise awareness by offering training sessions that are adapted, interactive, and hands on.

  2. Offer tools to incorporate healthy habits at every level (management, programming, activities, communications, menus, and lunchboxes).

  3. Provide support by offering guidance that is tailored to the needs of the various actors, based on the concept of sharing the experiences of camps with regard to healthy habits, and that incorporates the notion of associated learnings (community of practice).

  4. Foster parent cooperation with clear messages and handy advice on how to put together a nutritious lunch and promote healthy habits in the home.

Shape Up at a Glance

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