How to join

Signing up to Shape Up

Signing up for the Shape Up program is easy and free. The program provides you access to tools designed specifically for camps by camps and experts in the fields of healthy eating, physical activity and Body diversity.

How to Join

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Get involved in the program

  • Attend the Shape Up Summit (one day of free training for camp leaders and camp coordinators)

  • If you operate a food service, register for the food service training

Step 3: Commit to taking action

  • Determine the camp’s goals, plan how you will reach them, and keep track of the changes you observe

  • Offer training on healthy habits to your entire team

  • Engage each and every one of your team members

  • Make the Shape Up tools available to your staff and ensure they are used so your camp team can adapt its practices

Camps sign up for the Shape Up program each year at the end of winter. For more details, contact the Shape Up team at 418-648-6618 or