Our history and future

2011: a brilliant idea to promote kids’ health

At the initiative of Henri-Paul Rousseau, founding president of Shape Up, a project aimed at camps to help reverse the deteriorating state of health of young Quebecers is set up and proposed to Québec en Forme.

This alarming situation is due to two main factors: a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Summer camps are targeted as the means to influence kids through two powerful vectors of change: play and fun—two central elements of camp life.

2012 – 2014: success of the pilot project

In the beginning, Shape Up is a three-year pilot project made possible through the support and funding of Québec en Forme. Project implementation is entrusted to Fondation des Camps Odyssée, whose mission is to promote the educational aspect while allowing young people age 4 to 22 to enjoy unusual and memorable experiences at summer camp.

Program membership is voluntary and given how easy and effective the approach is, the number of member camps skyrockets.

2014: creation of the Shape Up Foundation

The pilot project draws to a close and the results are conclusive, creating an opportunity to form—together with our partners ACQ, AQLM, FQCCL, and CQL— the Shape Up Foundation . From here on in, this not-for-profit organization will manage the program and continue to roll it out across the province.

Starting in 2015: program rollout across Quebec

The goal is ambitious: introduce Shape Up at 350 sites by 2015. By that time, over 80,000 young people will be motivated to be physically active and eat healthy—a big step forward for children’s health!

Shape Up also plans to improve access to its program by providing grants to children from disadvantaged environments so they too can enjoy a rewarding experience at summer camp.

Lastly, to overcome certain barriers preventing camps from incorporating healthy habits, Shape Up proposes to provide financial support for camps that want to implement projects related to healthy habits but that don’t necessarily have the funds to do so. It’s a win-win situation since their initiatives will be shared on the Shape Up website.

Starting in 2016: program rollout across the entire country

Shape Up gets set to share its experience and knowledge from coast to coast to encourage young people across Canada to adopt healthy habits for life.