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Camp testimony

After its first year of membership in the program, the Deschambault-Grondines manager shares his experience, his thinking and his vision for the future of Shape Up in his municipality. (in french only)

It’s simple. It’s free. And it makes your life so much easier.

By signing your camp up for the Shape Up program, you’re signaling the importance you place on healthy habits and the health of young people—a key factor that influences which camp parents choose for their kids.

Shape Up offers training, guidance, and a whole host of tools to help you incorporate healthy habits into your camp practices while simplifying your life. Our goal is to help your camp become a place that’s more conducive than ever to the adoption of healthy habits by campers.

Sign up for Shape Up today and start enjoying these great benefits:

- Interactive training sessions tailored to the specific situations of camps, geared toward improving practices, and designed to be passed on effectively to all your team members.

- Easy-to-use planning tools that help you save time and be more effective (Food Service Handbook, activity programming charts, etc.).

- Loads of fun and stimulating activity suggestions for all age groups (5 to 15 years).

- An annual gathering—the Shape Up Summit—, webinars, forums and managers luncheons with small groups of camp managers. Our experience has shown that these discussions are a great way to save time, break the isolation, boost networking opportunities, and support the introduction of lasting healthy habits in camps.

- Personalized coaching with an emphasis on listening and adapting to the needs of different environments.

- A campaign to raise awareness among parents that features clear messages and practical advice.

- The Shape Up Challenge: $6,000 in prizes to be won and a great tool for engaging your team members.

- Inclusion of your camp in the list of member camps per region at goshapeup.ca.

Signing up for Shape Up is simple and free. For more info, go to the How to Join section.